Why Organic Skincare Matters

We are part of natures web of life and our health and beauty is deeply interconnected with the health and beauty of our environment. While modern society has brought many achievements for our lives it has also flooded the world with a wide array of man-made chemicals and other pollutants that not only challenges our environment but increasingly our health as well. The food we choose to eat, as well as the products we select to use, will affect our health and quality of life. When choosing skin care products, we also have to consider that everything we apply on our skin will most likely enter our body.

Unfortunately, most mainstream cosmetic and skin care products are compromised with mineral oils, synthetic preservatives and other highly processed and contaminated ingredients that are not skin-friendly nor have they nurturing, rejuvenating or healing qualities. Over time, as the skin tries to cope with these foreign substances, it becomes overburdened and weak. As a result our body becomes more susceptible to damage by free radicals, dryness and sensitivities -- as well as a host of other problems-- all of which may well affect our health and accelerate the aging process

We have only one body - it makes sense to care for it wisely. With today's numerous environmental challenges affecting the health and beauty of our environment and increasingly our health and beauty as well, it is of great importance to select the products we intend to use carefully.

Simply stated, organic skin care products are better for your health and the environment. True natural skin care products are made with organic ingredients as nature intended and are produced without mineral oils, parabens, synthetic preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances, GMO botanical sources and otherwise inferior or harmful substances. By shopping for high quality genuine natural skin care products made with organic ingredients, this will ensure that you receive wholesome care that are good for your body and your skin

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