The New Body Lotions

A delight for the skin and the senses

Hand on heart - how much attention and time do we spend on body care? For many, showering and bathing belong to a daily routine, but how do we care for the skin afterwards? The care which follows is mainly concentrated on the face. But the skin is, with an overall area of approximately 22 square feet (2 square meters), our largest organ and its needs certainly don't end beneath the chin! From a scientific point of view, it is only a few millimeters thick, but it can absorb valuable nutrients and metabolizes them. Also, it serves as a protective barrier against bacteria and environmental influences. It is, quite simply, a true multi-talent.

On a sensory level, it plays a role that is at least as important. Why, otherwise, can we "jump out of our skin" or, "feel well in our skin"? The skin is so sensitive that it even detects the slightest touch. The healing power of this sensual awareness, by caress or massage, even influences our hormone balance. The body releases less stress hormones, but instead, releases calming and harmonizing neurotransmitters. This decreases our sensation of pain and even skin problems can be improved. Therefore, we not only care for and protect our skin with a good body lotion, but also pamper our senses.

Keeping the balance

Body lotions and creams, therefore, have a far larger significance than just moisturizing and smelling good. Excessive cleansing with soap or shower gel, can be hard-wearing on the skin. The natural, fine oil film that should protect our skin from dehydration, the cold or friction caused by clothing, can, consequently, become affected or even destroyed. A good skin care regimen can create the right balance.

A well-formulated body lotion with high quality natural ingredients can regenerate the skin's natural protective barrier and produce a pleasantly soft feel on the skin.

With MARTINA GEBHARDT NATURKOSMETIK, high quality plant-based Demeter certified raw materials, give the skin back what it loses in daily life. Here we concentrate on the essentials and do without preservatives, surfactants, synthetic raw materials and perfume. That creates trust.

NEW from July 2015

The newHAPPY AGING body lotion, complements the existing Happy Aging skin care line for mature and aging. With this, an extensive face and body care range is completed, which already contains special products, such as d&‌eacute;collet&‌eacute; skin care or breast oils.

Shea butter body lotion completes the product range for sensitive skin and for skin prone to allergies. According to a survey, 30% of all women today, describe their skin type as sensitive.

Besides the ROSE (for dry skin) and the WILD UTAH body lotion (for men), MARTINA GEBHARDT NATURKOSMETIK offers, thanks to these two new product launches, four body milk products in all.