Spagyric Rose Essence

Spagyric Rose Essence is a synergistically complete and highly energized plant essence made from the entire rose plant – blossom, stem, leaves and root. The creation of Spagyric essences is a complex, complicated and lengthy process rooted in the medieval science of alchemy. Alchemists of ancient cultures in the East and West have used this process to preserve the life force that inherently moves through plants and herbs. In the spagyric process the principles of a plant - body, spirit and soul - are gently separated from each other, purified, energetically elevated, concentrated and then reunited.

Difference Between Herbal Extracts and Spagyric Essences

The spagyric process differs from modern herbal remedies that are produced through simple extraction methods, wherein the finished product contains only a fraction of a plant’s healing forces. Spagyric Essences, however, not only contain the biochemical substances, but also the plant’s inherent intelligence and life force.

Spagyric Rose Essence in Organic Skin Care

Spagyric rose essence has a great affinity to our whole body system; it is easily absorbed, and penetrates the body on the deepest cellular level. Organic skin care products enriched with Spagyric essences affects not only the skin surface; it also works with the skin's natural processes, stimulates the inherent self-healing, revitalizing and rejuvenating abilities, and promotes harmony for body, mind and soul.

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