About Rose Water

Rose Floral Water - Rose Hydrosols Description

Rosewater or rose hydrosol is a by-product of rose oil distillation and contains the water-soluble constituents of the rose flower that did not distill into the rose oil. True rose water has a wonderful floral scent and taste. It has many medicinal properties that are chemically very similar to that found in Rose Otto essential oil but in a much lower concentration.

Rose Floral Water - Benefits

Rose water makes a wonderful base in organic skin care formulas such as moisturizers and lotions and is a sensible alternative for individuals with sensitive skin. Rose floral water is great in facial toners or body mist, and can be added to the bath water. The hydrosol has natural hydrating properties drawing moisture to the skin; it further nourishes, soothes, and balances skin. The sublime fragrance is uplifting and encourages inner harmony. Rosewater is useful for all skin types and is a key ingredient in Martina Gebhardt's organic Rose skin care line and Shea butter line. The hydrosol is 100% organic and sourced from certified Biodynamic® cultivation. Martina Gebhardt Rose water does not contain any additives, preservatives or other artificial substances.