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pale kaiko paradise music album with piano music

PALE KAIKO - Paradise
Relaxing Music CD

Relaxation Music by Marth Healing Music
This magnificent piano music combined with nature sounds will take you to a paradise within or create a paradise of your surroundings.
Genre:Relaxation music,new age music, sacred Music
Mood: Peaceful, reflective
Area of Use: Enjoyment, relaxation, Spa, Healing Arts
Track type: Instrumental/nature sounds
Instruments: Piano
Brand: Marth Healing Music
Play Time: 43:49

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PALE KAIKO - Paradise
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This relaxing music album - MAUOLA Pale Kaiko Paradise -, composed by MARTH Healing Music, features gentle and melodious piano themes that create a calm and tranquil music sanctuary to enhance and support relaxation, stress relief, and rejuvenation. Pale Kaiko will transport you to a paradise of stillness and reflection.This resplendent album of piano music is a dream to behold. Pale Kaiko conjures a peaceful and comfortable place where waves caress the shore and birds intone for a multi sensory experience.
Music Titles

  1. KA-LEI-NANI –lei–nani–Sweetheart 9:21
  2. EWA-LANI ;lani – Heavenly One 8:45
  3. KALELE –Trust 8:24
  4. AILANA – Loving 7:54
  5. OIA 'I' O – Name of Your Life 7:48
  6. MOE' UHANE ACAPELLA –Little Dream 1:35

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