Organic Babies

Organic Skin Care Products for Babies and Children

Organic Skin Care Products for Babies and Children

This complete organic baby skin care line treats baby's delicate skin with extra gentle and truly natural formulas in certified Biodynamic® quality. The baby product line consists of Calendula baby cream, Calendula baby balm, Calendula Super Protect diaper cream, and Calendula baby oil. Martina Gebhardt's Calendula baby products are free of sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, phthalates and other harsh chemicals.

Brand: Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik
Ingredients: Organic ingredients from Biodynamic® farming
Certification: Demeter Certified and Certified Biodynamic

Calendula Baby Oil
Organic Baby Oil for Babies and Children in Demeter certified Biodynamic Quality

Organic baby oil for babies and children. Certification: Demeter Biodynamic; Size: 3.5 fl.oz (100ml); Brand: Martina Gebhardt

Calendula Cream
organic baby cream for babies and children with sensitive skin

Natural moisturizer for babies and children. Organic ingredients; Demeter certified Biodynamic; Size: 1.8oz (50ml)
Brand: Martina Gebhardt

Calendula Super Protect Cream
Natural diaper cream super protect by martina gebhardt

Natural diaper cream. Brand: Martina Gebhardt; Size: 3.5oz (100); Certification: Demeter Biodynamic

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Harp Music Album
Soothing Lullabies Harp Music by Sally Fletcher

Soothing bedtime songs from around the world

Calendula Baby Bath

Organic bath oil for baby and child free of bubbles. Size: 3.5 fl.oz (100ml); Certification: Demeter Biodynamic; Brand: Martina Gebhardt.

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