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Relaxing Music to Soothe Your Senses and Delight Your Heart

Eco-Beauty.com introduces a new line of relaxation music

Bonners Ferry, Idaho – January, 2013.Eco-Beauty Organics is pleased to announce a new line of relaxing music available at www.eco-beauty.com. The 18-CD Hawaii Marth Healing Music collection includes floating melodies, soothing harmonies, and the gentle sounds of nature that

  • create a pleasant ambiance for daily relaxation, reflection, reading,
    studying, sleep or traveling;
  • promote a feeling of calm, peace, and serenity;
  • restore balance and harmony in the body, mind and soul;
  • relieve and ward off everyday stresses of life;
  • are well-suited for spa treatments, meditation, yoga, and music therapy;
  • provide comfort in clinical settings or at home;
  • create a pleasant ambiance for daily relaxation, meditation,
    yoga, and music therapy.

Listening to peaceful music is a gentle way to promote overall well-being. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that listening to relaxing music can quiet the mind, reduce anxiety, relieve insomnia, boost memory, influence emotions, improve mood, and support innate healing energies. Therefore, using music as a complementary therapeutic tool has become increasingly popular, in both natural and conventional medicine, and more and more health practitioners, teachers, and counselors are including music as part of their therapeutic work.

The music in this collection is composed by artist Marth, and is performed by top musicians of Hawaii and California using classical instruments ranging from the piano, strings, acoustic guitar, and harp, and combined with nature sounds such as ocean waves and birds. Among the musicians are Grammy-nominated studio musician and producer Derek Nakamoto on piano and arrangements; internationally recognized violinist and one of the founding architects of New Age and modern classical music, Dr. Daniel Kobialka; multiple award winner and versatile guitarist Jeff Peterson; and talented harpist Sharene Lum.

Give yourself and those you care for the gift of well-being today by adding this collection to yours.

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