The Natural Skin Care Myth

Are Your So Called ALL-Natural Skin Care Products Truly Natural?

Probably Not! Unfortunately,there is no guarantee that so called all natural skincare products found on store shelves are free from minerals oils, synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances and otherwise inferior ingredients.

There is no question Organic and Natural is very trendy. Cosmetic and Skin Care products are blossoming under a natural star and enjoy increasing popularity and demand. But what is really behind the term natural cosmetics or natural skincare ? The word 'natural' on a product label doesn't guarantee that it is safe or natural as it has no legal definition. Unfortunately, with increasing popularity, many green-washed products have flooded our store shelves. It confuses many consumers as it often garnishes questionable products with a flowery label. A close look at the ingredients however, often reveals a different story. While many so called natural skin care products or cosmetics may contain a few drops of an herbal extract or natural oils, the consumer is left in the dark about all the remaining ingredients. Often the core ingredients are petroleum based derivatives and synthetic substances; ingredients most health conscious consumer try to avoid. Therefore, learning how to read the ingredient list on the product label becomes essential.

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