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Our hands are particularly challenged as they are frequently in contact with water as well as exposed to harsh cleansing products such as soaps, detergents and foaming agents while washing dishes or doing housework. These substances rob our skin of its natural oils, that can lead to dry and chapped hands as well as other skin problems. Avoiding potential irritants and wearing cloves are important steps to protect your hands from damage. The regular application of high quality lubricating creams or salves are effective allies in keeping your hands resilient and healthy. On this page you will find top-quality moisturizers for your hands and nails that will aid in keeping your hands lubricated, smooth and supple. Martina Gebhardt hand creams and nail balm are skin-friendly and truly natural formulas; they are free of petroleum based or synthetic-based emollients, emulsifiers, thickeners, preservatives, and fragrances. Use these products regularly to prevent and relief dryness and chapping.

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Chamomile Hand Cream
Biodynamic organic hand cream with chamomile for dry chapped hands by Martina Gebhardt Natural Cosmetics

Natural hand cream for dry and chapped skin. Certification: Demeter Biodynamic; Brand: Martina Gebhardt; Size: 3.5 oz (100ml)

Nail Balm


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