Eye Care

The "eyes are the windows to the world" and a reflection of our age and state of health. The first signs of aging are most often noticed around the eyes. The delicate skin around our eyes stops producing its own moisture sooner than other parts of the face. Refresh and reward your eyes with this soothing avocado eye cream. Use avocado eye cream daily to keep the skin smooth and supple, reducing fine lines and keeping new ones at bay.

Eye Care Cream
organic eye cream by martina gebhardt organic skin care for aging, sensitive skin

Natural Eye Cream with pure avocado oil for aging and sensitive skin. Brand: Martina Gebhard; Size: 0.5oz

Eye Care Cream
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Eye Care Fluid
Natural Eye Care Fluid Moisturizer by Martina Gebhardt Organic Skin Care

Light-weight organic eye care fluid moisturizer for all skin types. Certification: Demeter Biodynamic; Brand: Martina Gebhardt; Size: 1 oz (30ml);



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