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Ave Maria Sacred Music CD by Marsha Long

Ave Maria Music Album

This exquisitely beautiful music of "Ave Maria" is sung in Latin, English, Spanish, Italian, German,French, Polish, Gaelic, Hungarian, Nigerian Yoruba, Tagalog (Filippino), Greek, Arabic, and Aramaic. Ave Maria — "the Universal and Timeless Hymn" — is the perfect music for Christmas - an album you will listen to over and over again.
Artist: Marsha Long
Genre: Sacred Music, Meditation Music, Christmas Music
Track Type:Instrumental, Voice
Instruments:Pipe organ, piano, Egyptian Kanoon, harpsichord, African xylophone, talking drums, Hungarian cimbalom, hand bells, cymbals and synthesizers

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About Ave Maria Music Album by Dr. Marsha Long

Playing instruments as diverse as the powerful pipe organ of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and the healing vibration of the ancient lyre of David, soprano Dr. Marsha Long sings "Ave Maria" in fourteen languages and in styles that range from primitive chant, to opera and contemporary pop. Marsha Long has produced a musical masterpiece that transports listeners to a world of transcendent beauty filled with heavenly melodies and soaring emotions.

This music album delights the senses while nourishing the soul. The 75 minutes of music takes listeners on a journey around the globe and through 2000 years of musical styles. Whether chanting in St. Luke’s original text of the angel Gabriel to Mary in Greek or singing the joyous contemporary "An American Pop, Ave" recorded in the Hit Factory in New York City, Dr. Long keeps listeners immersed in a world where the human spirit is renewed. Dr. Long’s original compositions — interwoven with this universally loved classic,— clearly demonstrate Mary’s power to challenge and intrigue composers of all periods, styles nationalities and races. Every track on this CD is designed to give immense pleasure, excite the imagination, aid meditation, and instill a sense of absolute wonder.

On the CD Marsha Long plays three different pipe organs including that of St. John the Divine, both Hamburg and American Steinway concert grand pianos, four types of harps, an Egyptian Kanoon, harpsichord, African xylophone, talking drums, Hungarian cimbalom, hand bells, cymbals and synthesizers – demonstrating an astounding range of musical mastery. The album includes the versions of "Ave Maria" by Bach/Gounod, Schubert, Mascagni, Puccini, Verdi, Bottazzo, Caccini, Arcadelt, Francisco, and Landry, along with eleven totally new compositions by Dr. Long. On August 11, 2013 she premiered her "French Ave" at Notre Dame Dame in Paris.

Listening to this music album is an ideal way to set the moods for para-liturgies, personal devotion or simply relieving the stress of contemporary life, or to accompany meditation, inspiration, and prayer.

Song Titles

  1. Gregorian Chant Organum Style Plainsong mode 1* 1 :09
  2. Bach/Gounod : Ave Maria 3 :03
  3. Vocalise* 1 :29
  4. Hail Mary, Gentle Woman, Landry 2:43
  5. Ave Maria, Schubert 4:00
  6. An American Pop Ave* 4:01
  7. Go mbeannaitear duit (Gaelic) 3:27
  8. Je vous salut Maria* 2 :41
  9. Verdi: Ave from “Otello” 4:32
  10. Dios te salve Maria* 4:21 11. Ave based on Mascagni's Intermezzo From "Cavalliero Rusticana" 2:24
  11. Harp Improvisation with French Church Bells* 2:45
  12. Gegrusset seist du Maria* 2 :29
  13. Zdrowas Marjo* 4:05
  14. Udvozlegy, Maria* 1:53
  15. Latin Gregorian Chant, Plainsong Mode 1 2:02
  16. Caccini :Ave Maria, 3 :38
  17. Bottazo: Ave Maria, Harp Solo 1:55
  18. Puccini: after Ave Maria from "Suor Anglica" 3:38
  19. Arcadelt/Long: Ave Maria Harp Solo 1:55
  20. The Words of Gabriel (Lk 1:28 and 42) Greek Chant 2:22
  21. Aramaic/Syriac Ave 1:25
  22. Arabic Ave* 3:41
  23. Moki O Maria (Nigerian)* 4:20
  24. Fr. Francisco: Aba ginoong Maria, 1:50
  25. Piano Improvisation on a contemporary Polish Ave, 3:54
  26. Gregorian Chant Organum Style Plainsong mode 1* 1 :09


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