Martina Gebhardt Quality Standards

Martina Gebhardt's exceptional skin care line are gentle, skin-friendly, and genuinely natural skin care formulas that are made with the purest ingredients available. The company follows strict raw material selection and highest manufacturing standards according to the stringent Demeter processing guidelines. This guarantees exceptional product purity and freshness levels. The quality of Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik exceed the German natural certification standards and the current US-mandated regulations for organic certification.

Key Features

  • Expertly balanced and skin–friendly formulas;
  • Crafted with 100% natural ingredients;
  • Energetically enhanced with Spagyric Essences;
  • More than 98% of raw materials are sourced from certified organic farming or from Demeter certified Biodynamic contract cultivation;
  • Formulated without the use of mineral oils, synthetic raw materials, surfactants, parabens, synthetic colorants and fragrances, glycerols, titanium dioxides or natural identical substances;
  • Free of standardized raw materials or GMO -ingredients;
  • Gentle processing following holistic and bio-rhythmic principles;
  • Natural preservation system without using synthetic preservatives;
  • Packaged in environmentally responsible glass container;
  • No raw materials produced by inhumane animal practices;
  • All products are Demeter certified in Germany and certified Biodynamic in the Untied States;/li>
  • Regularly monitored by International Demeter Association;
  • Received top ratings for the past 15 years by the independent consumer magazine Oeko–Test (Eco–Test);

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