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Martina Gebhardt Natural Cosmetics is a woman–owned company dedicated to produce, authentic truly organic skin care products of Biodynamic® quality. The company was founded more than 25 years ago by Martina Gebhardt; a mother, herbalist, researcher, environmentalist and architect. The company believes that the quality of cosmetics begins with the selection of its cosmetic ingredients and continues with the choice of the manufacturing process. From the start Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetiks was driven by the commitment to "Good Manufacturing Practices" and maintaining the very highest standards with respect to the quality and purity of ingredients and production methods.

From humble beginnings, the company has blossomed into a successful business; and their product line has earned the reputation as a trusted brand within the natural skincare industry in Europe. Today, the state–of–the–art facility produces more than 140 different skin care products, all in accordance with the founders philosophies and ideas.

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