Martina Gebhardt Manufacturing Practices

Martina Gebhardt skin care products are produced in state-of-the-art-facilities, following the highest possible standards that go beyond 'Good Manufacturing Practices'. The raw materials are meticulously processed following holistic and Biodynamic principles to ensure that plant vitality as well as nourishing and regenerative qualities are retained. The company conducts regularly 'In House Testing' and they follow the stringent Demeter® Certification protocol. Martina Gebhardt skin care products are packaged in light resistant opaque–glass containers to increase stability and to protect it from plastic leaching into the product. French pumps are used as a locking system to keep the air out. Every product exceeds the 'German Natural Skincare certification' standards. In addition all products are Demeter certified by the International Demeter Association and are certified Biodynamic in the United States.

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