About Kukui Nut Seed Oil

Kukui nut oil is another variety of luxuriant seed oils. The kukui nut tree, Aleurites moluccana (Latin), is frequently found in the remaining rain forests of the Pacific Islands. It grows preferentially in valleys and low-altitude volcanic slopes up to an altitude of 1,000m. The Polynesians have been utilizing the versatile kukui nut tree for centuries.

Since the nuts have a high oil content, the native people pressed the nut for the oil, which was used for skin care. Newborn babies, for example were bathed in warm kukui nut oil. This practice was intended to activate the skin’s self-protective mechanism against intense UV-radiation. The oil was also applied on children’s skin in order to reduce the risk of sun burn. Modern medicine only recently discovered kukui nut oil and has performed thorough tests and analyses, confirming the benefits of the traditional uses of the oil. Kukui Nut Oil is the key ingredient in our Kukui Nut Serum


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