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MAULOA Kalani Sacred Music CD with Guitar by Marth Healing Music

KALANI - Sacred Music CD

This soft, beautiful guitar music invokes the sacred — time to honor self, time in reverence, or valued time with one you love.
Genre: Sacred music,relaxation music,ambient music
Mood: Soothing, reflective, romantic, peaceful
Area of Use: Relaxation, ambiance, meditation, music therapy, healing arts
Track type: Instrumental/nature sounds
Instruments: Guitar
Brand: Marth Healing Music
Play Time: 37:30

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"Kalani" means the "heavens" or "sacredness". This sacred music album features exquisite harmonies between sentimental guitar melodies and washing waves and the piping of exotic songbirds, to create a sacred surrounding. Kalani Sacred music will leave you feeling content and peaceful, making it the perfect accompaniment for music therapy, meditating, relaxing, or setting the ambiance for an evening of romance.

Music Titles

  1. KA-LEI-NANI – Sweetheart 6:48
  2. Ewa-lani – Heavenly one- 10:33>/li>
  3. 3. Kālele – Trust 6:39
  4. 4. Ailana – Loving 6:10
  5. 5. Oia i o – Name of Your Life 5:50
  6. 6. Moe' Uhane Acapella – Little Dream 1:28
    TOTAL 37:30

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