Rose Otto Essential Oil

Pure rose essential oil is captured by steam distillation of the fresh rose petals and is regarded as the most precious and most expensive oil among all essential oils. The production of this rose oil a very tedious process. More than 30 rose flowers picked by hand yield only one drop of rose oil; more than two tons of roses must be distilled to produce a single pound of oil. The blossoms must be harvested before dawn, so that the delicate aroma won’t evaporate in the sun. Weather and storage conditions also very much affect quality and yield. Humidity in particular can damage the petals, thus distillation must take place within hours of picking. With the traditional steam distillation technique, about half a ton of freshly picked flower heads are mixed with one-and-a-half tons of water in a still. The petals are then hydro-distilled and the oil and rosewater is collected. The top layer of the distillate is separated and the remaining liquid (rose water) is then re-distilled separately.

Pure Rose Oil has a vast array of healing properties and is the most precious and preferred oil in organic skin care and therapeutic applications. It is beneficial for all types of cosmetic preparations and for all skin complexions. Pure Rose Oil has soothing, cooling, hydrating, harmonizing and anti-inflammatory properties. A natural cell rejuvenator and skin balancer, it soothes and comforts the skin, supports the skin’s natural functions, adds and retains moisture, promotes circulation, tones the skin capillaries, reduces redness, promotes tissue regeneration and smoothes wrinkles. As an essential oil it can sooth the nerves, uplift the spirits and calm the mind. Pure distilled Rose essential oil – in particular the oil that comes from Turkey or Morocco – has a profound emotional effect and is a well-known natural aphrodisiac. Eco-Beauty Organics offers an exquisite line of all-natural Rose Skin Care products in certified Biodynamic® quality. Martina Rose Skin care products are made with pure distilled rose oil from certified Biodynamic cultivation.

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