Rose Flower Info

The Rose - Queen of All Flowers and Gift of Heaven

Hardly any other healing plant has been used for skin care as much - and in so many ways - as the rose. The rose is regarded as the 'Queen of all Flowers' and its rose oil as a 'Gift of Heaven'. Since antiquity to present day, the rose beautified our planet, perfumed our gardens, warmed our hearts and nourished our souls. Rooted in myth and magic, all cultures alike, have revered the rose flower for its physical beauty and mesmerizing fragrance. Linked to Venus and Aphrodite, and beloved by poets, the rose became a symbol of love, romance, harmony and perfection.

Health and Beauty Benefits of Roses

Apart from its beauty and symbolism roses were highly valued for its profound healing qualities and held a prominent place in traditional Eastern and Western medicine. Today, modern scientific studies increasingly confirm ancient traditional lore; in many cases, the rose lives up to their traditional uses.

Striking in its beauty and exquisite fragrance, the rose flower has a strong affinity to femininity. The most precious perfumes and most luxuriant skin care formulas of the past were crafted with oils, floral waters, and extracts of the rose. For reason of cost, pure distilled rose oils are rarely used in today's skin care formulas and are replaced by synthetic rose compounds. But with our organic Rose skin care line Martina Gebhardt Natural Cosmetics continues the long tradition of the past, capturing the pure beauty and spirit of the rose in all of their rose products

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