What is Propolis

Propolis is another time proven ingredient in skin care. Sometimes called bee glue, it is obtained from the bee hives. Propolis is a sticky resinous mixture that the honey bee collects from tree buds of some trees and other botanical sources. The bees use it as a sealant for small gaps in the beehive to protect it from the environmental elements and unwelcomed intruders.

What are the Properties of Propolis?

Propolis is a very complex mixture and can vary according to its source. Depending upon its composition, propolis may have powerful antibiotic, anti inflammatory, immune boosting, and anti-fungal properties. In addition, Propolis is rich in various vitamins, minerals and trace elements and also contains a number of unidentified compounds which work together interchangeably to create a perfectly balanced, nutritive substance.

Bee Propolis — Use and Benefits

Propolis has a long history of medicinal use treating many ailments including infections, sore throats, dental, gastrointestinal, and skin problems. Furthermore, it is a valuable ingredient in high quality natural skin care products. When applied directly to the skin, it strengthens the skin’s natural defense system, and accelerates the healing of wounds. Studies also indicate that it may be effective in the treatment of acne and in treating minor skin burns.

Some of Martina Gebhardt's moisturizers – Ginseng Cream, Neroli Cream, and Propolis Cream – contain propolis as a valuable ingredient. The complete natural creams are a sheer delight and make wonderful general moisturizers for the whole family but are also a very useful remedy for wounds, minor cracks, blemishes, and irritations. With their high content of vitamins and minerals these moisturizers nurture and protect young and aging skin alike, tightens skin tissue, improve elasticity, and comfort inflammation prone skin conditions.

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