Martina Gebhardt Formulas

Martina Gebhardt Natural Cosmetic products are balanced, skin-friendly,and truly organic skin care formulas that are designed to protect and support the skin's hydro–lipid barrier and natural functions. Martina Gebhardt's moisturizers are crafted high grade oils and butters from plants that are obtained from Biodynamic® cultivation or other certified organic sources. Other raw materials used are pure wool wax, lecithin and beeswax. These substances provide an excellent base for creams and lotions; they replenish the skin with natural oils and water in the correct ratio to sustain the skins protective hydro-lipid barrier.

In addition, Martina Gebhardt’s skin care products are enriched with precious plant remedies called Spagyrics. Spagyric remedies are alchemically prepared and energetically enhanced plant and mineral essences that contain all the essential medicinal elements of a plant as well as the plants intelligence and life force. Spagyric essences are very gentle holistic remedies; they not only have the biochemical effects of botanical medicines but also an energetic effect on our body, mind and spirit.

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