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Hawaii Marth
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Relaxation Music - HANA Hie Hie Essence of Beauty CD with Harp by Marth Healing Music

Hie Hie - Essence Of Beauty
Relaxing Music CD

This relaxing music CD by Marth Healing Music features attractive harp sounds that evoke healing by infusing the body and heart with wonder.

Genre: Relaxation music,new age
Mood: Peaceful, reflective, sentimental
Track type: Instrumental
Instruments: Harp Synthesizer
Area of Use: Relaxation, stress relief, meditation, spa treatments, massage
Brand: Marth Healing Music
Play time: 44:49
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Hie Hie - Essence Of Beauty
Relaxing Music CD
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Hie Hie — Essence of Beauty relaxing music CD features delicate sounds of harp synthesizer that carry the spirit of splendor straight to the core. Let the sound of breaking waves purify you and release any tension. The birds will serenade you into a peaceful meditation or slumber. This healing music will set the scene for a soothing spa treatment or salon session or just for an evening of relaxation. You will be lost in the essence of beauty.

Music Titles

  1. PO.POLO.HUA – Clear Blue Sky 8:46
  2. OIA'I'O – Truth 9:34
  3. ALAULA – Evening Glow 8:57
  4. MELE HO`OIPOIPO – The Love Song 9:05
  5. 5. AINA QINA HANAU – Home 8:25
    TOTAL 44:49

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