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HANA Kino Lau Relaxation Music CD by Marth with Guitar and Strings at Eco-Beauty Music

KINO LAU - Source of Life CD
Relaxation Music CD

It is said that the ancient gods reside in the birds, the flowers, the sky, and the mountains. Kino Lau - Source of Life relaxation music CD draws you in to recognize your role in the flow as well.
Genre: Relaxation music, ambient music,mood music
Mood: Peaceful, soulful, reflective, introspective
Track Type: Instrumental/nature sounds
Instruments: Strings/guitar
BrandMarth Healing Music
Play Time: 47:15
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HANA KINO LAU - Source of Life CD Relaxation Music CD More Information
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KINO LAU - Source of Life CD
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The Kino Lau relaxation music album features gentle guitar tones quietly overlap strings and gently soothe the spirit. The music on this CD stirs memories of tremendous landscapes such as blue ocean and green mountains under the brightly shining sun, and is perfect background for reading, reflecting, yoga, relaxation, and meditation. Release yourself to the source of life and surrender to the flow.

Song Titles

  1. AUKAHI – Beautiful Flow 8:27
  2. LANI ALOHA – Lovely Sky 10:36
  3. KUMULIPO – Origin 13:23
  4. MAUNA – Rolling mountains 8:07
  5. MOKU MAIKA‘I – Scenery 6:56

  6. TOTAL: 47:31
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