Ginseng Tonic

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This refreshing facial toner is great for women and men with mature skin age 30 and above. The tonic

  • contains extracts of ginseng, linden, and witch hazel as main active ingredients;
  • is enriched with Spagyric Essences of Ginseng, gold, silver and sulphur;
  • supplies concentrated water-soluble phyto-nutrients;
  • activates, revitalizes, and tonifies the skin;
  • has a fresh natural scent like Spring;
  • is genuinely natural and organic;
  • free of parabens, synthetics, and SD-alcohols
    Brand: Martina Gebhardt
    Certification: Demeter Certified Biodynamic®
    Ginseng Tonic
    Martina Gebhardt
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    Martina Gebhardt Ginseng Tonic — Product Description

    On the heels of your Ginseng Cleanser, comes this exquisite botanical facial toner and skin tonic in certified Biodynamic® quality. A liquid counterpart to the creamy face wash, Martina Gebhardt Ginseng Facial Toner will dislodge the last traces of makeup and dirt particles and invigorate tired, sluggish and devitalized skin, while still preserving its precious moisture reserves and smooth texture.

    Ingredients and Quality

    Regenerating ginseng extracts from the whole ginseng plant interlaced with linden blossom, witch hazel and a little natural alcohol (certified organic) to aid in the release of all beneficial properties of the plants, comprise the active substances in this illuminating skin care product. The tonic is created with natural ingredients secured primarily from Biodynamic farming or organic farming sources. Martina Gebhardt facial toners are devoid of denatured alcohol, parabenes, synthetic fragrances or otherwise drying or irritating ingredients!

    More Information


    CTFA/INCI: Water (Aqua), alcoholº, Panax Ginseng extract*, Tilia Cordata (linden) extractº, Hamamelis Virginiana (witch hazel) hydrosol (floral water)º, Spagyric essence of Panax Ginseng*, spagyric essence of Aurum (gold), Argentum (silver), sulfur (sulphur), Melissae Officinalis (balm mint) oilº, Myrtis Communis (myrtle) oilº, Aroma*, Citral**, Gernaniol**, Limonene**, Linalool**.

    Ingredient Glossary:
    º Ingredient comes from Biodynamic farming
    * Ingredient comes from controlled biologic cultivation (certified organic Germany)
    ** Natural constituent of essential oils

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