Environmental Organizations

On this page you find links to environmental organizations -local, regional, national, and international - as well as health and consumer organizations.

Local Listings

Kootenai River Habitat Restoration Program
The Kootenai River Habitat Restoration Program is large-scale ecosystem-based river habitat restoration effort that will be implemented over a period of 10 to 15 years across a 55-mile reach of the Kootenai River in north Idaho. Kootenai Tribal elders have passed down the history of the beginning of time. That history tells that the Kootenai people were created by Quilxka Nupika, the supreme being, and placed on earth to keep the Creator Spirit’s Covenant—to guard and keep the land forever. The Kootenais have never lost sight of their original purpose as guardians of the land. Today, the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho seeks to fulfill this purpose by developing and implementing innovative, scientific approaches to guardianship of the land that consider the whole ecosystem at the watershed/sub basin scale, are socially and economically responsible, are supported by the local community and other partners within the watershed, and that incorporate adaptive management principles.

Rock Creek Alliance
Those of you who live and recreate near Sandpoint understand why Rand Mc Nally recently chose Sandpoint as the 'most beautiful small town in America'. Sandpoint is undeniably beautiful and it is because of Lake Pend Oreille. What might be a surprise to some visitors and new residents, is that 25 miles upstream from the beautiful lake lurks a huge threat. It is the proposed Rock Creek mine, and the stream of heavy metals it would send to the lake. If you care about the future of Lake Pend Oreille, you can't afford to become complacent. As you enjoy the lake this summer whether from a boat or from the shore, please think about 3 million gallons of mining waste water flowing into Lake Pend Oreille every day for hundreds of years. Get involved in helping to stop the mine. It is not too late but the Rock Creek Alliance can't do it alone. For more information visit www.rockcreekalliance.org

National Environmental Organizations

Grassroots Environmental Education
The mission of Grassroots Environmental Education is to inform the public about the health risks of common environmental exposures and to empower individuals to act as catalysts for change in their own communities.

Environmental Health Trust
Environmental Health Trust educates individuals, health professionals and communities about controllable environmental health risks and policy changes needed to reduce those risks

Center for Environmental Health
The Center for Environmental Health and you. Protecting your family and your community from toxic chemicals.

Childrens Environmental Health Network
The Children's Environmental Health Network is a national multidisciplinary organization whose mission is to protect the developing child from environmental health hazards and promote a healthier environment

Environmental Working Group
Environmental Working Group is an American Environmental Organization with the mission to protect public health and environment. A team of scientists, engineers, and policy experts conduct regular research to expose threats to human health and environment. The Environmental Working Group also provides practical consumer information to protect families and communities.

Cancer Prevention Foundation
The Cancer Prevention Foundation is dedicated to reduce the the prevalence of cancer. It has useful information about the harmful carcinogens in food and household products, medications, cosmetics, etc.

Physicians for Social Responsibility
Physicians for Social Responsibility is a non-profit advocacy organization that is the medical and public health voice intended on preventing nuclear war and its proliferation; and to slow, stop, and reverse global warming and the toxic degradation of the environment.

The Environmental Illness Resource
An information and community site providing news, articles, forums, book and product reviews and more to sufferers of environmental illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).

Earth Save International
Earth Save International educates, inspires and empowers people to shift toward a healthy plant-based diet and to take compassionate action for all life on Earth.. Earth Save promotes food choices that are healthy for people and the planet.

Bioneers is a movement focused on solving the major problems faced by our earth today and for future generations through innovation. This web site provides information through radio program, forums, and an annual conference.

Organic Consumers Association
Organic Consumer Association is a grassroots nonprofit public interest organization that is interested in promoting health, sustainability, and justice for the organic and socially responsible consumer.

International Environmental Organizations

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment is concerned about Ecosystem Health, Human Health and Sustainable Development. The objective is to educate physicians on environmental issues, to prepare spokespersons to comment on the health implications of environmental issues, to serve as a "think tank" for considering the health implications of environmental issues, and to provide a forum in which physicians can meet and discuss health issues associated with environmental problems together with non-physician colleagues who have the knowledge and insight they need.

Fishing for Litter
Fishing for Litter is an active environmental response to the progressive increase of marine litters in the seas around Great Britain, Scandinavia and Western Europe. The initiative not only involves the direct removal of litter from the sea, but also raises awareness of the significance of the problem among each community. This pioneering project has expanded from an original pilot scheme in the Netherlands to now be a highly recognizable initiative in the United Kingdom and beyond. The aim of the project is to clear the North Sea from litter by bringing ashore the litter that is gathered in nets during fishing. Subsequently the litter is being properly destroyed. The project also aims at reducing the presently existing loads of litter in the sea. The principal idea is that by bringing ashore and destroying the litter that is caught in the nets, the litter will gradually disappear. Local fishermen bring ashore, voluntarily, the litter that is collected in the nets during the normal fishing operations. Fishermen are not financially compensated for their engagement, just the disposal logistics are for free. For more information visit www.kimointernational.org/

Environmental Institute Munich, Germany
The Umwelt Institut.org (Environmental Institute) is a citizen based organization located in Munich, Germany. It was founded in 1986, shortly after the Chernobyl nuclear accident, with the objective of investigating and reducing environmental pollution as a whole. Other areas of activity are energy conservation, renewable energies, genetic engineering, indoor contamination, electromagnetic pollution, and consumer protection. The Environmental Institute in Munich, Germany provides Information that include printed materials - articles, fact sheets, brochures - public talks, and individual expert advise. Reports are primarily in German language.

Religious Environmental Organizations

Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth
UUMFE is connecting and inspiring an active community of Unitarian Universalists for environmental justice, spiritual renewal, and shared reverence for our Earth home. UUMFE envisions a world in which reverence, gratitude, and care for the living Earth are central to the lives of all people. Their purpose is to inspire, facilitate, and support personal, congregational, and denominational practices that honor and sustain the Earth and all beings. They affirm and promote the seven principles of the UUA, including: "Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part".

Earth Ministry
Earth Ministry is a non-profit organization committed to engaging the Christian community in environmental stewardship. Earth Ministry works in partnership with individuals and congregations to respond to this great moral challenge through education, individual and congregational lifestyle choices, and organizing for social change through environmental advocacy. While Earth Ministry is rooted in the Christian tradition, they actively engage all religious communities on climate and energy issues through Washington Interfaith Power & Light. www.earthministry.org

Blessed Earth Ministry
Blessed Earth Ministry is an educational nonprofit that is inspired by the biblical mandate to care for creation. Blessed Earth recognizes that mountains, trees, oceans and wildlife are our inheritance and that they have meaning beyond merely supplying the raw material for human commerce. Blessed Earth equips Christians to become better stewards of the earth. Through church, campus, and media outreach, Blessed Earth builds bridges that promote measurable environmental change and meaningful spiritual growth. www.blessedearth.org

The National Religious Partnership For The Environment
The National Religious Partnership for the Environment is an association of independent faith groups across a broad spectrum: the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the National Council of Churches U.S.A., the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, and the Evangelical Environmental Network. The Care of God's creation has been a perennial mandate, mission, and ministry of religious life! www.nrpe.org

Monestary Of Saint Gertrude
The Monastery of Saint Gertrude recognizes the sacred responsibility to reverence and care for our land and to make proper use of the resources it provides. The monastery is committed to live in harmony with the earth and to promote responsible stewardship.