Here you find links to eco/green blogs - writing about issues, problems and solutions relating to beauty, health, and environment.

Ecogeek is a blog dedicated to fuse green technology and nature to promote sustainable living. Is promotes the fact that not all technology is corrupt and can be used to improve quality of life without a negative impact on earth.

The first site that covered green fashion and beauty for women trying to inspire readers towards a healthier and more sustainable life by slowing down, unplugging, getting out, doing research, and growing every day.

Say No To Plastic Bags
Why stop using plastic bags! Information about the problems with plastic bags, and why you should switch to reusable shopping bags. Article by Larry West, a professional writer and editor who has written many articles about environmental issues for leading newspapers, magazines and online publications.

A very renowned eco-blog that covers many facets of natural living (such as Science, Technology, Living, etc.