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Calendula Super Protect Cream

This all-natural diaper cream comforts and protects the skin during baby's
'diaper years'. Calendula Super Protect diaper cream

  • spreads on and removes easily;
  • soothes, calms, and nurtures baby's delicate skin;
  • comforts soreness and skin irritations;
  • contains Biodynamic organic ingredients;
  • is free of phalates, parabens, and mineral oils;

  • Certification: Demeter certified Biodynamic
    Brand: Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik
    Size: 3.5 oz (100ml)

    MARTINA GEBHARDT Calendula Super Protect Cream More Information MARTINA GEBHARDT Calendula Super Protect Cream Ingredients
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    Calendula Super Protect Diaper Cream — Description and Use

    Martina Gebhardt Calendula Diaper Cream makes an excellent natural aid to soothe, calm and nurture baby's delicate skin and offers excellent moisture protection.The velvety-soft organic skin care formula formula spreads on and removes easily. Use Calendula diaper cream regularly to prevent diaper rash, or to comfort soreness and other skin complaints.

    Calendula Super Protect Diaper Cream — Ingredients and Quality

    The cream contains a blend of high-grade, pure organic plant oils, wool wax, beeswax and is infused with wound-healing herbal extracts, such as Yarrow, Self-Heal, St. Johns Wort and Arnica. Sunflower oil, olive oil, wool wax and beeswax provide a protective shield to guard against moisture build-up and irritation, while allowing the skin to breathe. St. Johns Wort, Yarrow, Self-Heal, and Arnica contain anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and wound-healing properties.

    Calendula Super Protect diaper cream is crafted with high-grade natural ingredients that come Biodynamic farming or other certified organic sources. The product is free of mineral oils, synthetic preservatives, artificial colors or fragrances, GMO's or otherwise inferior ingredients. And like all Martina Gebhardt organic skin care products, Calendula Super Protect Diaper Cream is Demeter certified by the International Demeter Association in Germany as well as certified Biodynamic in the US.
    Size: 3.5 oz

    Skin Care Tips: After gently cleansing diaper area and skin folds, apply a thin layer of baby diaper cream as a protective barrier.


    CTFA/INCI: Water (Aqua), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Oilº, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oilº, Lanolin, Cera Flavaº (Beeswaxº), Hypericcum Perforatum (St. Johns Wort) Oilº, Calendula Officinalis Oilº, Achillea Millefolium (Yarrow) Extractº, Anthyllis Vulneraria (Woundwort) Extractº, Arnica Montana Extractº, Rosa Damascena Flower (Rose) Waterº, Tocopherol, Spagyric Essence of Achillea Millefolium (Yarrow) Extractº, Spagyric essence of Aurum (gold), Argentum (silver), Sulfur (sulphur)
    º Ingredient sourced from Biodynamic farming
    * Ingredient comes from controlled biologic (certified int Germany) sources

    demeter biodynamic eco label certified biodynamic skin-care controlled natural cosmetics bdih Animal Friendly


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