Martina Gebhardt Cosmetic Ingredients

Martina Gebhardt's exceptional certified Biodynamic® skin care formulas are crafted using just a few — but very carefully selected — high-grade organic ingredients that have been treasured for centuries. The products are meticulously crafted with precious plant oils, butters, herbal extracts, medicinal quality essential oils, floral waters, and highly energized plant essences called Spagyric Remedies.


The company follows strict raw material selection and the highest manufacturing standards that allow exceptional product purity and freshness levels. Whenever humanly possible, the raw materials must come from certified Biodynamic® farms. Currently 98% of the raw materials are obtained from Biodynamic Cultivation or certified Biologic cultivation (certified Organic in Germany). No mineral oils, synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances, colorants, glycerols, silicones, titanium dioxide or otherwise inferior or harmful raw materials are used. Further, Martina Gebhardt certified Biodynamic skin care products are free of standardized raw materials or GMO-botanicals. This reflects the company's sincerity in using raw materials in its natural state. The company carefully screens suppliers and conducts sample testing of all raw materials. This ensures that the vitality and nutrient content of the plant is retained.

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