"> Time-Proven Natural Creams with Black Mud for Eczema-Prone Skin

Martina Gebhardt Black Mud Skincare

Natural Skin Treatments to Ease Acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis.

Black Mud Skin care products have a long tradition in Europe. They are particularly popular by people who seek natural skin treatments for very dry, itchy, flaky or blemished skin.

Black Mud from the Dead Sea is the key ingredient in our Black Mud Peel and Black Mud Pure. The products aid in clearing the skin of deep seated impure skin such as acne; they sooth and calm itchy irritated skin, and lubricate and moisturize very dry skin. Black Mud has a slightly astringend effect and has also a positive effect on enlarged skin pores. Our Black Mud Peeling and Black Mud Pure free of mineral oils, paraffins, synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances and colors.

Skin Types: Suited for all skin types including problem skin conditions such as dry, irritated, flaky and scaly skin. Problem skin with a tendency to impurities, blemishes and acne skin. Provides nutritional support for devitalized and aging skin.

Caution: Do Not use products if you have a known allergy to Black Mud or any of its constituents such as sulfur or bromides, or any other ingredients in this product line. Our products are formulated without any harsh or irritating synthetic or petroleum based ingredients and are therefore very gentle by nature. However, keep in mind that it is possible to develop allergies or sensitivities to any substance on earth - including natural substances. Therefore, if you haveallergy-prone or highly sensitive skin always carefully review ingredient list and patch test before applying any skin care products. Consult with your health or beauty professional for guidance as needed.

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