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Black Mud Peeling

All-natural facial peeling to remove excess dead skin cells and deep seated impurities.

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Black Mud from the Dead Sea is the key ingredient in this outstanding all-natural peeling formula. Other star ingredients are seaweed, mineral clay, yarrow, horsetail, and plantigin extract. Use this formula for skin that needs deep cleansing. Dead Sea Black Mud Facial Peeling is an effective natural aid to open clogged pores, to slough off dead skin cells, and to clear skin from deep seated impurities and black heads that tend to accumulate on the skin surface. This formula further replenishes skin with vital minerals and other nutrients that are essential for healthy, vibrant skin. It is suitable for most skin types, especially blemished, sluggish and aging skin. Do not use on highly sensitive, allergy-prone or easily irritated skin. Black Mud Peeling is free of chemical exfoliants and fruit acids known as AHA's

Directions: Mix small amount of Black Mud Peel powder (1 tsp. or less) with a neutral facial cleanser (Shea Butter Cleansing Milk) or mix with floral water (Shea Butter Tonic) and some oil. Apply mixture equally over the face avoiding eye rims and lips. Massage gently with circular motion. To increase deep cleansing effect, leave it on the skin for additional five minutes. Rinse off using a sponge with lukewarm water and leave the skin slightly damp.

Caution: Individuals with highly sensitive, overreactive skin should not use this product. Alternatively, you can use Natural Facial Peeling for sensitive skin. Do not use this product if you are allergic to black mud or any of its constituents such as sulfur or bromides. Consult with your holistic health professional or holistic beauty professional. For further information About Dead Sea Black Mud Skin Care!

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