About Biodynamic Farming and Agriculture

What is Biodynamic® Agriculture?

Biodynamic® farming and agriculture is a holistic farming and gardening concept based on the ancient understanding that all things in life are interconnected through nature.

Biodynamic agriculture goes beyond organic by imaging the farm as a closed system: self-contained, self-sustaining, and following the cycles of nature. It aims to revitalize nature, grow nourishing food and advance the physical and spiritual health of humanity.

Biodynamic agriculture is the first ecological farming system dating back to 1928, and it is also the highest form of sustainable agriculture.

Biodynamic farming and agriculture recognizes the more subtle rhythms of nature associated with the sun, the moon and the planets. It forms the basis of an annually produced planting calendar. This guides the farmer towards appropriate times for cultivation and sowing for maximum quantity and quality.

In addition to standard organic farming practices, Biodynamic® farming and agriculture incorporates numerous proactive holistic and metaphysical aspects of farming aimed at increasing the nutritional quality of the crop and protecting the balance of the eco-system.

Biodynamic crops are grown and processed to capture and maintain their vital forces, passing along the inner quality. By following the Demeter guidelines of crop production, farmers practice the highest level of skill and care, even using all-natural additives only when absolutely necessary and prohibiting genetically modified organisms.

Biodynamic farmer and processing facilities undergo a comprehensive, lengthy and internationally standardized verification process in order to achieve DEMETER Certification, and are regularly monitored by the national chapters of the International DEMETER Association.

Demeter Biodynamic certification ensures certain additional practices that only Biodynamic farming provides:

  • Such farms maintain a self-sustainable, healthy, diverse ecosystem, supporting not only the ecological aspects but also natures influences and rhythms.
  • Biodynamic farms are balanced with the surrounding natural resources, maintaining the property into the future.
  • Biodynamic farmers use fermented herbal and mineral preparations similar to homeopathy to build the soil health and to encourage plant health

With certified Biodynamic® skin care products, you are guaranteed that the products you buy are produced with the highest-quality ingredients, are grown using the most stringent techniques, are free of genetically modified organisms and nanotechnology, and are full of vitality.

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