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Are You Happy Aging Or Just Anti-Aging?

Your skin says a lot about you. The tone, the suppleness and the radiance all reflect a deeper quality representative of your inner being. Unfortunately, in our society, this inherent connection is thoroughly exploited, resulting in unrealistic expectations placed on our delicate bodies. The pressure for a womanto either attain or regain youthful attractiveness has escalated the obsessive pre-occupation with superficial quick-fixes in the form of invasive cosmetic procedures. Below the surface, however, the damage these can cause is shamefully real.

Does a new wrinkle have to detract from your complete beauty as a woman? Does it even have to change how you feel about yourself? In truth, real beauty comes from feeling beautiful despite the wrinkle and goes hand-in-hand with feeling deserving of looking after ourselves, including our physical appearance, without detriment to any part of our body or soul. Each one of us can achieve this.

We need to shift our mindset. Aging is a natural biological process that cannot be halted. However, if we learn the foundations of this natural process we can perhaps make incremental choices that can minimize and reduce the rate of aging at the fundamental cellular level. Anything else is simply a band-aid.

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