About Spagyrics

What are Spagyric Essences?

Spagyric Essences are synergistically complete and highly energized plant remedies that have been produced using a highly specialized technique defined as the Spagyric Process. The creation of Spagyrics has been known for several thousand years and is rooted in the medieval science of alchemy. It is a complex, complicated and lengthy process; the living plants are collected right from Mother Earth and then gently manipulated to preserve and intensify their particular healing virtues.

During the spagyric process, the three principles of a plant – body, spirit, and soul – are gently separated from each other, purified, energetically elevated, concentrated and then reunited. While modern herbal remedies are produced through simple extraction methods, the finished product contains only a fraction of a plants healing forces. Spagyric tinctures however, not only contain the biochemical substances, but also the plants inherent intelligence and life force.

Spagyric remedies have a great affinity to our own natural body system. They are easily absorbed and able to penetrate our whole body on the deepest cellular level. Skin care products enriched with spagyric essences are powerful remedies. Not only will they have an effect on the skin surface, they have also the ability to support and stimulate our innate healing energies, and promote overall harmony for body, mind and spirit.

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