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Martina Gebhardt's passion for high quality skin care that is truly natural began with a traditional Central European herbal salve formula that was handed to her by her former pediatrician.

Traumatic events often set the stage for unexpected positive outcomes and Martina's story is no exception. At the tender age of three, Martina Gebhardt was bitten by a shephard dog. At age 16 she still carried an ugly facial scar from this incident and was advised to have the scar surgically removed. In addition, Martina Gebhardt suffered from severe teenage acne.

Martina Gebhardt was hoping that her acne problem would miraculously disappear if she only waited patiently. But things turned out differently. Her former pediatrician, at the time already over 80 years old, was not fond of surgical interventions and advised against cosmetic surgery. Instead he convinced her to try an ancient apothecary formula on her facial scar. He mixed a thick herbal salve, which contained sage and wool wax as key ingredients. As instructed, Martina applied the Sage herbal salve regularly on her left cheek.

Within a few month, not only did the scar begin to fade, but the acne pimpels were nearly completely gone. This experience convinced Martina of the efficacy of this herbal salve. So, she began applying the salve on the other side of her face. Three month later, her acne pimples completely disappeared. It took approximately one year of treatment for the scar to become almost invisible. This is quite a success for a simple cream and a big relief for this young teenager.

Her long time physician was willing to share the herbal salve formula and she began experimenting with it, eventually transforming the herbal salve into a pleasant herbal day cream. The salve became the Salvia cream and that was soon followed by the Salvia herbal facial toner. Today, Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik company produces more than 140 different skin care products.

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