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Music transforms, almost like magic. Music waves vibrate through us. They have the power to dispel anger, sadness, and disease-causing negativity. They can bring joy and comfort, and aid in recovery and healing. People over the world are soothed and restored by peaceful, relaxing music. Recent research support the use of Music therapy as a valuable complementary therapy to encourage healing and to promote a general sense of well-being.

MARTH is an artist/composer/producer currently based in Japan. He created an extensive collection of beautiful relaxation music loved for their harmonic simplicity and melody. Every single album of MARTH is performed by prominent musicians from Japan, Hawaii, and Hollywood, U.S.A using classical instruments ranging from the piano, strings, acoustic guitar, and harp.

Marth began creating his line of music after he lost his loved one to terminal cancer. He believes that music helped him overcome his pains and sorrows. Those who have enjoyed Marth’s music often say they are moved to tears of joy when listening to it. Many natural doctors, therapists, ministers, and others engaged in modes of healing have chosen Marth’s music as a complementary therapy during treatments.

Recently, a discovery was made that showed a 528 Hz frequency hidden in much of Marth’s music, though it was unintentional. This frequency is often used for Gregorian chants and is believed to encourage transformation, miracles, and even healing of broken DNAs. Music with a 528 Hz frequency is believed to resonate with the water in our body, and to open and mend the hearts of the people of the world as if ripples of love were caressing us.

In his grief, Marth came to discover that there is no self, no other, no separateness, but one existence. This awareness consoled him tremendously. Although he had lost his beloved, they were not separate but would continue as one forever.

Marth healing music resonates on a whole-body level — beyond words, beyond time, and beyond space. Many have instinctively bought Marth’s CDs for a dying friend or have found great emotional release from his music. It is easy to accept the reason why . . . because the magical melodies come from the true home of the heart.

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