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Martina Gebhardt Sheabutter Cleanser

All-natural cleanser for face and body best suited for women and men with highly sensitive complexion.

Key Features

  • Extra mild cleansing formula;
  • Free of soap, detergents, surfactants;
  • Cleanses gently without drying or irritating the skin;
  • Well tolerated by most sensitive sky types;
  • Contains high-quality botanical ingredients that are natural and organic;
  • Formulated without essential oils, bee products, and alcohol

  • Certification: Demeter certified Biodynamic
    Brand: Martina Gebhardt

    Martina Gebhardt Sheabutter Cleanser More Information Martina Gebhardt Sheabutter Cleanser Ingredients
    Martina Gebhardt Sheabutter Cleanser
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    Shea Butter Cleanser — Description and Benefits

    This super gentle and non-drying cleanser is ideal for women and men with very sensitive skin and for individuals who are prone to skin irritation or are allergic to soap and detergents. Martina Gebhardt Shea Butter cleanser effectively cleanses face and body without over-drying or irritating the skin!

    How To Use Sheabutter Facial Cleanser?

    Massage a small amount of Sheabutter cleansing milk gently into your skin using circular movements. After you finished cleansing rinse with ample water. Next, follow with the soothing Shea Butter tonic. Allow the tonic to absorb while leaving skin slightly damp. After toning apply small amount of Shea Butter cream or lotion to lock in the moisture.

    How is Martina Gebhardt Shea Butter Cleanser Formulated?

    The product is formulated with high-quality, non-irritating, and truly natural ingredients and is free of soap and detergents. Martina Gebhardt Sheabutter cleanser contains olive oil, shea butter, and rose blossom water as key active ingredients. Olive oil contains excellent cleansing properties. Sheabutter has skin softening and superior moisture retaining abilities. It will provide necessary lubrication to protect your skin from dryness. Rosewater hydrosol has calming and hydrating properties and has an uplifting floral scent.


    Our products are formulated without any harsh or irritating synthetic or petroleum-based ingredients, and therefore are very gentle by nature. But keep in mind that it is possible to develop allergies or sensitivities to any substance on earth – including natural substances. Therefore, do not use product if you have known allergies to any substance(s) listed on the product label. If you have allergy-prone, highly sensitive or over-reactive skin always review ingredients and patch test before applying any skin care products. Consult with your health or beauty professional for guidance as needed.

    More Information

    CTFA/INCI: Water (Aqua), Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil°, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter*, Lecithin*, Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Water°, Sambucus Nigra (elder berry) root extract°, Magnolia Officinalis Bark Extract, Camelia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Cetylalcohol, Cetearyl alcoho, Rose Damascena (Rose) Floral Water°, Spagyric Essence of Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter*, Spagyric Essence of Aurum, Argentum, Sulfur (Sulphur).

    Ingredient Glossary:
    ° Ingredient sourced from Biodynamic farming
    * Ingredient sourced from Controlled Biologic Cultivation (German Certification)
    ** Natural constituent of essential oils

    demeter biodynamic eco label certified biodynamic skin-care controlled natural cosmetics bdih Animal Friendly
    Martina Gebhardt Sheabutter Cleanser
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    Featured Reviews:

    Martina Gebhardt Sheabutter Cleanser
    Product Review
    I really loved this product and working with Eco Beauty. Check out my blog post for a full review and description!
    Martina Gebhardt Sheabutter Cleanser
    Only Product for Sensitive Skin
    This cleanser is brilliant. My skin is extremely sensitive. I have Rosacea too. Besides leaving my skin clean and supple, it removes make up and doesn't irritate my eyes either.
    Martina Gebhardt Sheabutter Cleanser
    Great Cleanser
    This cleanser is the perfect partner for the shea butter cream. Once a week I use it with my Clarisonic brush.


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