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rose mosqueta seed oil skin serum

Rose Mosqueta Skin Serum

This superfine skin serum is great to keep skin healthy, smooth, and glowing. Rose Mosqueta skin serum

  • contains pure organic seed oils of rose mosqueta, borage, camelia, and sea buckthorn;
  • is rich in natural Vitamin C, A, and E;
  • makes an excellent intensive treatment for dry, aging, and impure skin;
  • promotes elasticity and firmness;
  • smoothes fine lines and wrinkles;
  • soothes blemishes and softens scar tissue;
  • has a light tanning effect;
    Ingredients: Sourced from controlled Biologic sources
    Producer Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik
    Size:50 Pearls

    Rose Mosqueta Skin Serum More Information Rose Mosqueta Skin Serum Ingredients
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    About Martina Gebhardt Rose Mosqueta Skin Serum

    The Rose Mosqueta face oil makes a superfine skin serum and excellent intensive treatment for dry, aging, or blemished skin. The high-quality organic skin care product has outstanding restorative and rejuvenating properties. When used regularly, the skin serum helps to regulate and stabilize the skin's moisture-lipid balance while it also promotes elasticity and firmness. This formula is suited for all skin types, and is particularly beneficial for problem skin conditions such as dry, aging, impure skin and blemishes. You can use this product to protect skin from premature aging, to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, to soothe blemished skin, and to soften and smooth scar tissue. Rose Mosqueta Facial Serum offers natural sun protection and has a light tanning effect.

    Martina Gebhardt Rose Mosqueta Skin Serum – Ingredients

    The slightly tinted skin serum contains pure organic rose mosqueta seed oil as the principle ingredient. Rose Mosqueta seed oil is extracted from the seeds of wild rose in Chile. The super-fine oil is very rich in anti aging and restorative nutrients, particularly vitamin C,A, and E, essential fatty acids, and other valuable, bioactive substances. Other star ingredients are borage seed oil and camellia seed oil. Borage seed oil is highly prized for its high content of gamma linoleic acid, while camellia seed oil is particularly rich in oleic acid and squalene. Rose Mosqueta skin serum further contains Sea Buckthorn oil. Sea Buckthorn oil supplies natural vitamin A and E as well as other valuable active substances that are essential for healthy, youthful, and vibrant skin. Rose Mosqueta Skin Serum is one of our most popular products within our organic skin care line.

    More Information

  • Natural Skin Serums
  • Organic Rose Mosqueta Oil
  • About Seed Oils
  • About Martina Gebhardt Organic Skin Care
  • How To Use Rose Mosqueta Skin Serum

    Apply Rose Mosqueta Skin Serum once or twice daily for at least 30 days as an intensive treatment. In the morning you should apply the serum before using the moisturizer. In the evening only apply serum after cleansing. The pearls are easily opened by twisting the top. After opening, squeeze a small amount on your finger tips and massage gently on your skin.


    CTFA/INCI: Rosa Canina Oil* (Rose hip ),Borago Officinalis Oil* (borage oil), Camelia Oleifera Oil* (Camelia oil), Rhamnoides Oil* (Sea Buckthorn Oil), Aroma* (genuine essential oils),Benzylalcohol**, Eugenol**, Isoeugenol**, Benzylsalicylat**, Geraniol**, Farnesol**, Linalool**, Benzylbenzoat**.

    Ingredient Glossary
    * Ingredient is sourced from controlled Biologic Cultivation (certified organic Germany)
    ** Natural constituent of the essential oil


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