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organic rose facial toner and tonic for dry and sensitive skin by martina gebhardt

Martina Gebhardt
Rose Facial Tonic

Soothing botanical skin toner and skin tonic for your face of Demeter certified Biodynamic quality. Martina Gebhardt Rose tonic

  • clarifies, comforts, hydrates, and harmonizes the skin
  • free of SD alcohols and synthetic fragrances;
  • is great for all skin types
  • is recommended for sensitive and dry skin
  • has top-quality natural, organic ingredients certified biodynamic and certified organic
  • enriched with Spagyric tinctures;

    Brand: Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik
    Certification:Certified Demeter by International Demeter Association and certified Biodynamic USA<
  • Martina Gebhardt  Rose Facial Tonic  More Information Martina Gebhardt  Rose Facial Tonic  Ingredients
    Martina Gebhardt
    Rose Facial Tonic
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    Martina Gebhardt
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    Martina Gebhardt Rose Toner - Benefits and Use

    This exquisitely aromatic skin toner an skin tonic clarifies, harmonizes and hydrates the skin, lifting off any residue from the cleanser and/or any remaining impurities and restoring skin to its correct pH balance in anticipation of the moisturizer. It is a product for all skin types but especially beneficial for sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions and dry skin. The Rose toner will enable you to maintain a seamlessly soft, smooth and lucid complexion. Just as the Rose Face Cleanser aligns with the oil component of the skins hydro-lipid barrier, the Toner corresponds to the water component. In tandem, they provide the nourishment, hydration and purity the skin requires to exude health, energy and vitality. Our rose facial toner is another highly popular product within our organic skin care line.

    Directions: Gently pat toner on skin before using the Rose cream moisturizer or the lighter Rose lotion moisturizer and as needed throughout the day.

    Martina Gebhardt Rose Toner — Ingredients and Quality

    This floral facial bath of Rose extracts suffused in rosewater is the perfect oil-in-water admixture and produced under the most careful Demeter® standards with mostly Biodynamic® ingredients. This toner, is formulated without petroleum-based or synthetic emollients, emulsifiers, thickeners, preservatives, GMO's and fragrances. Size: 3.5floz (100ml)

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    CTFA/INCI: Aqua (pure spring water), Rose Damascenaº, Rose Canina (Rose Hips) Extractº, Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Hibiscus flower) Extractº, natural alcoholº, Hamamelis Virginiana (witch hazel) floral waterº, Spagyric Essence of Rosa Damascenaº, Spagyric Essence of Aurum (gold), Argentum (silver), and Sulphur (sulphur), Aroma (pure essential oils), Geraniol**, Citronellol**

    Ingredient Glossary
    º Ingredient comes from Biodynamic® cultivation
    * Ingredient comes from controlled biologic (certified organic) cultivation
    ** Constituent of essential oil

    demeter biodynamic eco label certified biodynamic skin-care controlled natural cosmetics bdih Animal Friendly
    Martina Gebhardt
    Rose Facial Tonic
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    Martina Gebhardt
    Rose Facial Tonic
    Nothing compares!
    I have been a devotee of the Martina Gebhardt skincare line for more than a decade. Despite spending much of my life in the sun, I have found that the skin on my face has not shown the " aging" that is often attributed to sun damage. The Rose Tonic, used in conjunction with the Rose Cream, has been amazing. A small splash of the tonic on the palm of your hand, rather than on a cotton pad, goes a long way , and prepares your skin nicely for either the Rose Cream ir Rose Lotion. I highly recommend this product.


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