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On this page we offer discounts on products that are overstocked or have a shorter shelf life. Many of our products that are approaching their formal expiration date actually last far longer as they contain herbal extracts and essential oils that prolong shelf life. This is a great opportunity for you to obtain some of our organic skin care products at tremendous savings. Products listed on this page have a formal shelf life of 3 to 6 month left and are now available at a 20 to 50% discount. These specials are available for a limited time and in limited quantities and can be discontinued at any time after we reach our normal inventory level. Check our sales page regularly so that you don’t miss out! If you have any questions regarding our discounted products, please, feel free to contact our office at sales at

Martina Gebhardt Relaxing Oil Bathrelaxing oil bath martina gebhardt

Luxurious bath oil pearls to relax and unwind. Certification: Demeter Biodynamic; Brand: Martina Gebhardt Natural Cosmetics; Quantity: 35 pearls


-50% Off
Use Coupon Code: Sale50

Martina Gebhardt Baobab Foot Spraymartina-gebhardt-baobab-foot-spray.jpg

Organic foot spray to revive and protect your feet. Certification: Demeter Biodynamic; Brand: Martina Gebhardt; Size: 3.5 fl.oz (100ml)


-15% Off
Use Coupon Code: Sale15
Product Best Used By: 06/03/2017

Martina Gebhardt Baobab Foot Bath Saltbaobab natural foot bath

Natural foot bath salt for tired, achy feet. Certification: Demeter Biodynamic; Brand: Martina Gebhardt; Size: 10.5oz (300gr)


-30% Off
Use Coupon Code: Sale30


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