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ke aloha beloved relaxing music

KE ALOHA Beloved Music CD

Exquisitely beautiful relaxation music album features soothing classical guitar melodies joined by orchestral strings and gentle nature sounds.
Genre: Relaxation Music, Ambient Music
Mood: Peaceful, reflective,introspective
Area of Use: Enjoyment, stress relief, spa, healing arts
Track Type: Instrumental/strings
Instruments: Guitar with orchestral strings
Brand: Marth Healing Music
Play Time: 64:17

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Ke Aloha Beloved Relaxation Music CD by Marth Healing Music

Gentle strings sweep in to join the warm classical guitar melodies on Ke Aloha, reminding you of the importance of love and family. The calm and relaxing atmosphere of this music is the perfect remedy to daily stresses. Ke Aloha Beloved is a wonderful choice for relaxing spa music, music therapy, or a moment of reflection at the end of the day. You’ll enjoy moving, uplifting, mesmerizing sounds that will make you feel as if you were walking along the ocean; you can almost feel the sand between your toes. Listen to our line of relaxation music at eco-beauty.com

Music Titles

  1. KA-LEI-NANI –Sweetheart 16:06
  2. EWA-LANI – Heavenly One 13:01
  3. KALELE – Trust 10:39
  4. AILANA – Loving 10:07
  5. OIA–o –Name of Your Life 12:45
  6. MOE' UHANE ACAPELLA –Little Dream 1:37
    TOTAL: 64:17

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