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hau oli ambient music

HAU 'OLI - Joy of Life
Ambient Music CD

This delightful and melodic harp synthesizer music is a celebration of life, ideal for accompanying time spent reading, studying, working, traveling, or just relaxing and enjoying quiet family time.
Genre: Ambient Music, mood music, spa music
Mood: Light, calm, joyful, positive,
Area of Use: Relaxation, healing arts, travel
Track type: Instrumental/nature Sounds
Instruments: Harp Synthesizer
Brand:Marth Healing Music
Play Time: 38:21

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HAU 'OLI - Joy of LifeAmbient Music CD More Information
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HAU 'OLI - Joy of Life
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In Hawaiian, Hau`oli means joy and happiness. This relaxation music album captures the ideal tones for celebrating happy moments in life. Light and joyful floating melodies define this beautiful harp synthesizer composition. Throughout, gentle ocean waves and joyful birdsong help take you to your happy place. Professionals will find this melodic music ideal for setting a tranquil and uplifting environment to accompany aromatherapy, facial, massage, and other healing arts treatments.

Song Titles

  1. OLA — Live On 9:11
  2. MAULI — Seed of Life 9:41/li>
  3. MANU — Free as Birds 9:08
  4. HO'OLA'A' ANA — Song for Beauty 10:16
    Total Play Time: 38:21


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