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relaxing music lulu peaceful moment cd

LULU - Peaceful Moment Music CD

Relaxing Music by Marth
This relaxing music album by Marth Healing Music features tender melodies of orchestral strings to calm body, mind, and soul.
Genre: Relaxing music, music therapy, sleep music
Area of Use: Relaxation, stress relief, lullaby
Track Type: Instrumental/Nature Sounds
Instruments: Orchestral strings
Brand: Marth Healing Music
Play Time: 52:45

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Lulu —Peaceful Moment relaxation music produced by Marth Healing Music features orchestral strings joined by the calming wash of ocean waves and tropical shorebirds. The music album is designed to create an environment of serenity and peace. Imagine reflecting on simple joys while watching the sunset. These warm, tender, and lulling melodies reflect this feeling, helping to relax the body, lift the spirit, and comfort the heart and mind. Lulu — Peaceful Moment relaxing music CD is the deal background music for reading, meditation, sleep, or simply a quiet moment at home. The lovely, mellow tunes inspire simple relaxation, restful sleep, and a sense of well-being — bringing truly peaceful moments. Listen to our complete line of relaxation music at eco-beauty.com

Music Titles

  1. LA MA’AMAU – Simple Days
  2. MA ‘ AMAU – Like the Wind
  3. NALO LOA – Promise
  4. MAIKA ‘I MEDAKA – Lovely Minnow


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