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aloha graceful love ambient music

ALOHA Graceful Love
Healing Music CD

The ALOHA — Graceful Love healing music CD features thoughtful melodies that embody serenity and joy for shared moments of life.
Genre: Healing music,mood music
Mood: Peaceful, reflective, sentimental
Track type: Instrumental, orchestral
Instruments: Orchestral Strings
Area of Use Relaxation, Spa Treatments, Meditation, Reiki
Producer: MARTH Healing Music
Play Time: 44:47

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ALOHA Graceful Love
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Aloha – Graceful Love is a beautiful arrangement of orchestral string music featuring thoughtful melodies filled with deep love, sensitivity, and grace. The word aloha has many meanings, including as a reminder to share joy in the present moment. This CD embodies this meaning. The harmonious alignment of orchestral melodies, gently flowing rhythms, and entrancing wave sounds and island birdsong console, harmonize, and comfort the body, mind, and soul. Aloha – Graceful Love encourages listeners to cherish all the joyful, shared moments of life. This healing music will encourage letting go, stress relief, and finding solace, calmness, and peace, and would make a wonderful gift for a loved one.

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