About Martina Gebhardt Natural Cosmetic

Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik is a sophisticated herbal skin care collection of exceptional quality. The product line consists of highest-quality skin care formulas that are truly natural and Demeter certified Biodynamic®.

Precious plant oils, plant extracts, pure medicinal quality essential oils, as well as other valuable genuine natural and Biodynamic ingredients are expertly blended into balanced and skin-friendly formulates integrating the ancient wisdom of alchemy with the science of modern herbalism.

The products are enriched with alchemically prepared Spagyric essences; they penetrate the skin on the deepest cellular level and stimulate the skin's inherent revitalizing and rejuvenating forces and promote harmony and overall well-being.

Martina Gebhardt Biodynamic skin care products are velvety soft and heavenly scented and make a sensuous treat for body, mind, and spirit. All products received the prestigious Demeter® eco-label.

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